We offer complete sales and service to all makes of diesel fuel injectors using the latest in cleaning and test equipment .

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Common Rail Injectors

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As Canada’s leading fuel injection facility, we are constantly studying and learning to ensure that we stay current with the diesel technology of today and tomorrow. At GCL, we have the advanced equipment necessary to determine the functionality of the new Common Rail systems.

We can test automotive applications including Dodge / Cummins 5.9L and 6.7L, Ford 6.4L, and GM 6.6L. Some of the industrial applications we currently test are John Deere, Hino, and Komatsu among others.

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Mechanical Injectors

Testing, Repairs, Exchange units and New Injectors available for the following manufacturers:

We offer a complete test and repair service for all makes and models of mechanical injectors. We can also supply exchange or new injectors and keep a large stock on hand of many of the more popular injectors.

Brands We Service

John Deere
Liste Petler
New Holland
Mechanical Injector

Ford Injectors

Ford F-250

Our full line of Ford injectors includes the oldest mechanical 6.9L non-turbocharged engine through to the current 6.4L Piezo Common Rail injector.

Powerstroke problems? We carry brand new Alliant Power injectors for 7.3L and Navistar applications, and robust Alliant Power reman injectors for the 6.0L powerstroke engines.

Dodge / Cummins Injectors

We carry an impressive inventory of new and exchange injectors for the Dodge Ram pickup from 1988 to 2007. We also offer full test and repair service for all Dodge injectors, including the new Sprinter van series.

Dodge Ram 3500

G.M. Injectors


Whether you drive an old 6.2 Chevy or a brand-spanking new Duramax, we’ve got you covered. We carry exchange injectors for the 6.2L, 6.5L, and 6.6L GM engines.

Is your Duramax coming off warranty? A complete testing of your injectors may save you from unnecessary and costly component replacement.

Gasoline Injectors

We service all makes of foreign and domestic gasoline injectors. We also carry a large inventory of new gas injectors. Complete injector service starts at only $25 each.

Audi A6

Electronic Unit Injectors

The Electronic Unit Injector was designed to meet the need for higher injection pressures from that of the conventional injection system due to government legislation decreasing the amount of diesel particulates being pumped into the atmosphere. The Electronic Unit Injector (EUI) comes into direct contact with the cylinder head, where fuel is supplied from internal ducts in the head itself. Each injector has its own pumping element and fuel solenoid valve. Low pressure fuel is fed to the cylinder head and into each injector fuel port. The pumping action of the EUI is controlled directly by the engines camshaft. The electronic control unit (ECU) allows for temperature compensated injection timing and even cylinder balancing.

Electronic Unit injector fuel systems include; Caterpillar 3406E, Cummins N14, Detroit Series 60, Volkswagen, and Volvo.

Hydraulically Actuated Electronic Unit Injection (HEUI®) takes place where the injectors are no longer camshaft operated. An example of this would be the International 7.3L PowerStroke engine. HEUI® uses engine oil pressure to power high pressure fuel injection, whereas the usual method of EUI operation is in conjunction with the camshaft. Hydraulically Actuated Electronic Unit Injector fuel systems include: Navistar 7.3L PowerStroke, and Caterpillar 3126E.

GCL offers a means to carry out functionality testing of new, repaired and remanufactured EUI’s using the Hartridge HH705 EUI Poptest. This machine can check injectors for; leaks spray pattern, spring rate, solenoid operation and nozzle opening pressure. When injectors fail we have a full line of ProDiesel rebuilt electronic injectors at amazing prices. ProDiesel offers an industry leading 18 month warranty after initial date of installation. For more information on ProDiesel please check the suppliers section of our website or visit .Our HI2000 will flush and test 1 to 4 HEUI® injectors at a time, and is used primarily for 7.3L PowerStroke, Navistar DT466E, 444E, and DT530E injectors. It simulates on engine running conditions ensuring that your injectors receive a complete and thorough test.

HEUI® is a registered trademark of Caterpillar, Inc.

HEUI Injector
EUI Injector
HEUI Injector

Injector Testing

We offer complete service to all makes of diesel fuel injectors using the latest in cleaning and test equipment .

We can take your injectors and tell you quickly if the spray pattern, nozzle chatter, and opening pressure meet specifications. Our various state of the art injector testers will help determine the status of your injectors.

If Injectors Pass...


Tested and Cleaned

If the injectors pass testing they are cleaned and fitted with new gaskets, sealing washers, and dust seals as necessary.

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If Injectors Fail...


Complete Overhaul

Only genuine nozzles are only used in our repairs to ensure the quality and exact standards of new OEM specifications are met.

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