Keep your fuel flow unobstructed and injection pumps and injection safe from filter failures with regular filter changes.


If you drive a diesel then proper filtration is a must. We carry a complete line of fuel, air, and oil filters for all applications, as well as add-on systems such as Stanadyne Fuel Manager. A diesel vehicle is a major investment, and these systems give the added filtration necessary to protect your investment and keep it running at optimum levels.

Filtration is not only for automotive use. Any size and shape of industrial, agricultural, and construction equipment can benefit from added protection. The Stanadyne Fuel Manager is designed to configure to match any conditions necessary. A completely modular selection of optional components allows your system to be customized to your specifications.

Today’s diesel engines depend more than ever on the purity of their fuel. Foreign particles, water, and other contaminants can have a drastic negative effect on an engine’s entire fuel system. Make sure your diesel has the proper filtration necessary to maintain a long productive engine life.

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