Diesel Fuel Additives

Performance, protection, and the environment — only three of the reasons why you should be using a diesel fuel additive. Read on to learn about test results, the products we carry, and our service dealers where you can purchase additive.


Why Use Additives?

  • Performance With Savings

    Improved lubricity and cetane will provide a cost savings to you. Regular use of a diesel fuel additive will more than pay for itself — by savings at the filling station, from repairs, and by extending maintenance intervals.

  • Benefit the Environment

    Our fuel additives can help reduce the amount of particulate (smoke) emissions from diesel engines. Recent tests show that using a diesel fuel additive can reduce particulate emissions up to 49%.

  • Protect Your Equipment

    Variations in diesel fuel quality around the world can play havoc with precision diesel fuel injection systems. Poor quality fuel can wear components, gum up valves and clog filters. Use of a diesel fuel additive is your insurance against poor quality fuel.


GCL Diesel is now proud to offer two fantastic brands for your diesel fuel additive needs. Click on each one to see which option is right for you.


Stanadyne's diesel fuel additive offerings protect your diesel engine, reduce emissions, and improve engine performance.


The industry standard Performance Formula® All Season, Warm Weather Blend, Injector Cleaner, and Lubricity Formula keeps your diesel engine running smooth and efficiently.

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Alliant Power

Chemically advanced formulations provide superior fuel system protection and help restore engine performance at competitive pricing. Specially formulated for today's common rail engines.

Alliant Power

ULTRAGUARD™, WINTERGUARD™, and LUBRIGUARD™ available for all of your diesel fuel treatment needs.

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Which Additive Do I Choose?

Not sure which of our great offerings is right for you?

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