About Us

We are Here for You

GCL Diesel has been building customer relationships for 50 years. Since our inception in 1972, GCL has grown from one man’s vision to one of North America’s premier diesel service companies, employing over 25 people in our 36,000 square foot Edmonton facility.

We have built our business by servicing all diesel applications and focusing on customer service.

Diesel. Understood. TM

This isn’t just a snazzy catchphrase, but rather the embodiment of almost 45 years of servicing, supplying, diagnosing, and distributing diesel components and consumables. In addition, as a North American training centre for many of our suppliers, we ensure that we are always at the forefront of knowledge in the diesel revolution. Wrap all of that in our hundreds of man-years of hands-on experience and you’ll see why GCL is the place where diesel truly is understood.

We Provide Sales & Service

We supply Diesel Fuel Injection Parts, New Injectors, Diesel Fuel Additives, Turbochargers, Remanufactured Pumps and Injectors, Filtration Systems, Engine Accessories (lift pumps, glow plugs, etc.), Common Rail Fuel Pumps, and Common Rail Injectors.

We service Diesel Injection Pumps, Injectors, Turbochargers, Common Rail Fuel Systems, and Gasoline Injectors.

We Pursue Excellence

From our specially trained service technicians, to our fantastic customer service representatives and our wonderful warehouse and shipping team, we at GCL Diesel continually pursue excellence through continued education, training, and cross-discipline experience.

Who benefits? We all do, as it means your interaction with our team will be fast, friendly, informative, and in a word, excellent.

Test Facilities

If you own a Diesel Powered vehicle, you deserve to have it maintained by a Diesel Technician. At GCL, we specialize in the repair of all Diesel Fuel Systems including:

  • Mechanical Fuel Pumps
  • Electronically Controlled Fuel Pumps
  • Electronic Unit Injectors (EUI)
  • Common Rail Fuel Systems

Industry Certified Technicians

Today’s electronic diesel engines require extensive troubleshooting and diagnostic abilities.  GCL Diesel employees Journeyman Heavy Duty and Automotive technicians with extensive computer and electronics backgrounds.  In addition, our technicians are provided with the latest factory authorized training to keep pace with the advancing technology in the diesel industry..

Training Facility

Not only is GCL Diesel a distribution and service centre for all diesel related products, but we are also a national training centre. We bring in trainers from all around the world to host training seminars for not only our own technicians, but also for our service dealers. This ensures that whether you are dealing with GCL Diesel directly or through our service dealer network, the people working with you will have the latest in diesel technology knowledge.


Association of Diesel Specialists

The Association of Diesel Specialists is the worldwide diesel industry’s leading trade association, dedicated to the highest level of service on diesel fuel injection and related systems. A.D.S. has over 700 corporate and individual members in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and more than 56 other countries.

The primary membership of A.D.S. consists of independent repair shops (Service Members) specializing in diesel fuel injection, governor and turbocharger service. Each Service Member is authorized by one or more of the Association’s Manufacturer Members, which are original equipment (OEM) manufacturers of fuel injection equipment, governors, superchargers or turbochargers.

Other membership catagories encompass manufacturers and distributors of replacement parts and allied equipment, and post-secondary schools offering programs in diesel mechanic training.


Diesel Technology Forum

The Diesel Technology Forum is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to raising awareness about the economic importance and essential uses of diesel engines, highlighting the continuous improvements in fuel efficiency and emissions reductions, continuous progress to reduce the environmental impact of the existing fleet of diesel engines, and leading the way for future clean diesel technology in all applications.

Since it was founded in 2000, the Forum has emerged as a leading information source on clean diesel and energy issues, and its leadership regularly participates in legislative and regulatory deliberations, technology demonstrations, and industry and media events.